British bought with Cricket Surfaces



At Cricket Surfaces, we are proud to state that we source all our materials from the United Kingdom, be it cricket surfacing, netting, steel or aggregates!

We feel it is a real selling point to our clients that we can say WE BUY BRITISH.

What this means is that we, and therefore our clients, can have ultimate faith in the quality of the products we install.

All these products are traceable and have the great warranties that you would expect a British product would have.

Buy british with Cricket Surfaces


How many of our competitors can offer this promise?

So many people now import materials from foreign countries such as China, paying a fraction of the price for materials and make so much profit on the back of it.

However, there are no regulations in place for pollution and labour and much more like we have here in Britian.

We feel strongly that we should look after our great nation, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused us all so much distress.


Buy British and help our economy!

If you are interested in any of the work we do here at Cricket Surfaces and would like to discuss further then please do get in touch!


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